Health Guarantee

We do testing for PRA and PRCD on our breeding poodles.  All are normal/clear and certified by OFA.


Puppy Health Guarantee

• Buyer agrees to have the puppy(s) examined by a USDA licensed Veterinarian within 4 days of receiving the puppy(s). Buyer agrees no vaccinations will be given at this time. We “used to” vaccinate puppies starting at 6 wks of age. More recent studies indicate first shots should be given at 8-9 weeks of age or when puppies leave their mothers because pups have immunity from their mothers. They will have already had an examination by our Veterinarian and if found healthy they will be vaccinated with their first shots and be ready to travel to their new families. It is very important to realize that our Health Checks Include the following, but not limited to:
*Pups are parasite free (no ticks or fleas) *Pups have no ear, or eye infections *Pups have no hernias needing repair *Pups joints and patellas are intact and in good condition *Pups are hydrated and receiving proper nutrition and are a healthy weight *Pups gums and teeth are in perfect condition for their age *Pups glands are normal and not inflamed or enlarged *Pups heart checked to be free of murmurs *Pups lungs listened to be free of abnormalities.

You will receive a healthy puppy that has been examined by a veterinarian. The puppy will be started on vaccinations & worming when it leaves our custody. Puppies need time to adjust to their new environment and family. This is stressful for a puppy and vaccinating will cause added stress to the puppy’s immune system, which could result in illness.

You will be given information on what vaccines were given and when as well as when the next vaccines are due.
• Our Puppy Health Guarantee is for the first year of the puppy’s life against life-threatening illnesses (heart, liver & kidneys). We DO NOT cover anything that is not life threatening. Conditions such as but not limited to worms, ear mites, colds, giardia, hypoglycemia or coccidiosis can be dormant but they are treatable and do not warrant a return.
• Un-descended testicles, under or overbite, umbilical hernia and luxating patellas are not life threatening so they are not covered. Should a life threatening condition occur as mentioned above, the puppy can be replaced with another puppy of equal value, size and/or color when available. No cash refunds will be given. If replacement puppy is offered and refused then we have fulfilled our obligation.
• This contract is non-transferable.
• If a puppy should die, an autopsy must be done by a state lab explaining the cause of death before we determine if a replacement is warranted. All paperwork must be returned and puppy’s vaccinations must be up to date.
• Please remember that a replacement puppy is only given if all terms are met, and a life threatening condition was diagnosed by a qualified veterinarian, not for any other reason.
• Any expenses incurred after the puppy leaves our care, such as vet bills, autopsy, etc. is the buyer’s financial responsibility.
• Our contract is null and void in case of accidental injury.
• No guarantees are expressed or implied on pup’s adult height, weight, color, temperament, breeding or show abilities. We do try to give a good representation of what to expect the puppy to look like when it’s full grown but it is not an exact science.
• At Muddy Creek Poodles we realize that sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances some families can no longer keep their dog. In this instance we are here to help. We NEVER want any of the dogs we breed going into a shelter! We will always take back any dog that we sell or help the owners find a new home.

Muddy  Creek Poodles will no longer dock tails or remove dew claws (see tail docking and dew claw page)