Our Girls


Introducing our new baby girl from Russian Kennel “Gently Born” with world champion bloodlines.  This is “Gently Born Charlotte Color Me Fanci” but we just call her “Alexis” or “Lexi”

When she is old enough she will be added to the breeding program.  We are hoping to have harlequin babies in late 2019

Muddy Creek’s Black Ice- “Ice” is registered with AKC, UKC and RBA.  She is a 10″, 7 pound black toy poodle.



Muddy Creek’s Storm Warning- “Storm” is registered with AKC, UKC and RBA.  She is a 9  3/4″, 8 pound blue toy poodle.



Gently Born Queen of France- “Gypsy” is registered with AKC, UKC, RKF and RBA.  She is a 13 “, 10 pound black and tan phantom European dwarf poodle. Her father was a toy and her mother was a miniature, she comes to us from “Gently Born” Kennels in Russia.



Delaval’s Red Hot Ember- “Blaze” is registered with AKC.  She is a 10″, 6 pound red toy poodle.  She will be old enough to breed in 2018.

Gently Born Charlotte Color Me Fancy- “Alexis” or “Lexi”  AKC and RKF registered.