We got our new and final Muddy Creek Poodle!  All the way from Moscow, Russia…. This is “Gently Born Charlotte Color Me Fancy” or as we like to call her “Alexis” or “Lexi”



She is mellow and laid back…very lady like… very easy going with anything you want from her… is pottying outside with the pack just fine.  Killian, Thor and Taz all tried to “put her in her place” one at a time and then all together and she whipped them all…at the same time.. LOL…she will not be the bottom of the pack… she goes along with pretty much anything the others want to do… Thor is smitten for sure.  Taz now thinks I bought her just for him to play with.  When 7 poodles follow me, she follows daddy 😊

We have no puppies available right now but our next litter is due on or around May 25th.


We had a litter of puppies born March 29th 2018. One black girl, one black boy, and one light cream Boy.  All puppies are spoken for.  We will be having another litter around May 25th.