Here are some testimonials from happy puppy parents

“Abner- now named Milo-Storm’s “A” Litter.  He is a busy little boy loves to be outside (when it’s warm)! Has learned (kinda) to play fetch and is going up and down deck stairs. He loves everybody and our whole family thinks he’s great and so cute. Had first visit to our vet and he thought that was a great adventure! Also has had a bath, but needs another one now. You are welcome to stop by and visit! Take care.”


“Teagan & Harlee are getting along fabulously! Much quicker than I could have hoped for. Harlee really watches Teagan & tries to do what she does. She is determined to jump up on the couch. Probably won’t be long. She hasn’t eaten much yet but drinking water and going potty well. She sleeps well too! Even if we were up at 5am 🙂  I’m pretty sure Harlee found the best home & we have the best little girl!”