About Toy Poodles


Poodles like to be in the center of things and are easily trained to do astonishing tricks involving both brains and agility.

Poodles are ranked the 2nd most intelligent breed with only the Border Collie scoring higher.  We like to disagree as we think Poodles are #1!

Contrary to popular belief, poodles originated in Germany, not France.  They were originally bred as a sporting dog, whose purpose was to retrieve ducks from the water for hunters. Even their classic cut was at first done for hunting: shaved bodies meant they moved faster in the water and collected less dirt, while leaving fur around their paws and joints protected them from rocks and debris. Today, their reputation is not quite the same, but their versatility is what makes poodles the most amazing type of dog to own.

To this day, poodles are loyal, intelligent, athletic, and loving. Many fans of the poodle say that the breed has “an air of distinction”, referring perhaps to their canny intuitions and regal habits. They are in fact, one of the most intelligent and trainable of all the dog breeds. However, all poodles have a goofy side and still love to play. Poodles are very fond of people, especially members of their families. Combine this need to please with their intelligence, and you have a very trainable dog indeed.

In addition their superior intelligence, poodles are non-shedding and therefore more likely to be more hypoallergenic than any other breed, or poodle cross.

They tend to lead lively and energetic lives. Their mind is always begging to be stimulated with games, fetching, and human interaction. Poodles will be extremely loyal companions to their owners, making them ideal pets. They love to learn tricks and perform for audiences of enthusiastic onlookers.

Their hair can be cut into many different styles. You can choose to use a professional groomer or learn to do the grooming yourself.  If you want one, I give away one of my “Muddy Creek Grooming” Poodle grooming DVD with your new puppy that will teach you want you need to know to do your own grooming.

There is no better all around  companion dog than a Poodle.

With the intelligence, loyalty, and athleticism of a poodle, how could you ever ask for a better dog? They even come in different sizes, from a tiny toy that weighs under 5 lbs to a Standard that could weigh 70 lbs.  They are the only canine that comes in so many sizes.  They also come in any color or pattern that you can dream up.

You may be interested in going to the AKC website, at AKC.com and look up Poodles first, then the Breed Standard.

As a side note:  All poodles with the exception of pure white can and usually do change colors as they age.  Many other dog breeds and animals in general change color as they age.

Female puppy vs. male puppy

Many people assume that female dogs make better pets.  Many people used to tell  me they want a “sweet little girl”.   Lately people have become more educated and prefer male puppies over females and here is why…

Males tend to be more affectionate, playful, easier to house break and train, attentive and more demanding of attention. They adore their people and want to please. Most importantly if you have more than one person in your family, male dogs love everyone equally and share their affection with everyone. Female dogs tend to be a one person dog.

I explain it like this.  If you want a best girl friend, get a female.  If you want a baby/child then get a male.  If you want the closeness, affection and relationship with your dog likened to having a child then a male is the answer. Little girls are wonderful, cute, smart and affectionate but nothing like a boy.   My boys have always wanted to be on my lap when I sit down and follow me from room to room.  My female dogs love to be near me and will lie on the couch or bed with me but not usually touching me where as my boys HAVE to be touching me.  If I go outside and God Forbid leave them in the yard and walk to the garbage without them, my boys will cry and wait sadly for me to return and my girls will go off and play on their own.

Female dogs in my opinion are more independent, territorial and protective than males.

So many people are worried that males will to lift their leg and mark their territory in the house. If you house break a little boy properly he will only go potty outside or inside where he is trained to go like on an indoor dog potty or piddle pad.  Neutering them at early also helps greatly.

I take my little boy Thor with me everywhere and he would never think of lifting his leg somewhere in appropriate.  He is a therapy dog, service dog and my baby.

Most people don’t know females display alpha behavior like marking, humping, fighting, especially if they are not spayed. People tend to believe that females are more docile and attentive. This could not be further from the truth.  My Sable was a very dominant spayed female.  She ruled the roost!  Whether she was with us, our border collie, keeshond, other poodles, cats, ducks or geese- she was the BOSS!  She would lift a leg to mark outside and humped many of our friends, much to our dismay.   We adored her all of her 15 years but she was a total Alpha.  My Thor is a very docile, easy going little love sponge.

If you have multiple dogs in your household it is more likely that two females will not get a long then two males. The females are substantially more independent, stubborn and territorial than are their male counterparts.

The females are far more apt to participate in alpha behaviors and exercise dominance over the other dogs, and sometimes even humans.  They are also a little more resistant to training.

Many times a woman will call and say her female only wants to be with her husband and she wants a new puppy that will love and be hers.   Our Sable and our Storm are total “Daddy’s Girls” through and through.  They love all of our family members equally but Daddy is “theirs”.

Most breeders, if given the choice of only having one dog would choose a boy. Breeders have seen it all the years. They know that there is a reason that girls are called bitches. Now, if you have never had a boy, you would not know the difference. Coming from people that have had both, in my opinion, a male is the best choice for a pet.