Sales Contract for puppy purchase

This form must be completed and in the possession of Muddy Creek Poodles before or at the time of puppy changing hands.




Toni Dechert Owner Muddy Creek Poodles  Phone number: 307-850-6597

Address 39 Poodle Place Riverton WY 82501


Muddy Creek Poodles Health Guarantee/Contract Buyers Initials _______


***A non-refundable retainer of $500.00 is required to hold a puppy of your choice. ***


 If the deposit is made before a litter is born the deposit may be transferred to another litter if there is not a puppy in litter of buyers liking. Deposits may be made by PayPal, Cash or Personal/Business check.  PayPal is preferred.

The total balance due must be paid in full before delivery of the puppy, or on day of pick up in cash.


Muddy Creek Poodles reserves the right to “FIRST” pick from each litter if so desired, even when deposits are made.


Health Guarantee Buyers Initials _______


During transport, puppies can become stressed by the change in environment. Minor problems such as diarrhea, coccidia, upper respiratory, kennel cough, and other illnesses, etc. may occur and must be treated by the purchaser. These conditions are the responsibility of the buyer, not the seller, and should be checked by a Licensed Vet. These and other minor health problems are not covered by this guarantee. Any problem that can be cured by medication is not covered by this guarantee. Any existing conditions listed in advance will not be covered by this guarantee. This guarantee does not include any injuries or problems the puppy develops due to neglect or abuse by the new owner.


Your puppy is guaranteed for 1 year of age against fatal and life altering congenital diseases, this includes cancer, heart and liver problems of severe life-threatening incidence. In the very unlikely event this occurs the breeder must be notified within 48 hours of the licensed Veterinarian’s determination. At the buyer’s expense, I require two reports from two unassociated licensed Veterinarians, both stating the same diagnosis. There are certain disorders which may be caused by environmental conditions. For example: allergies, thyroid dysfunction, mange, ear infections, skin infections, injuries resulting in joint issues and auto immune disorders are not covered by this guarantee.

This guarantee does not cover/include malocclusion of the puppy’s teeth or luxating patellas.




Our guarantee Buyers Initials _______

Your puppy will have had all the necessary age-appropriate vaccinations/de-worming’s at the time of pick up.  Veterinary health certificates are available upon request.

Muddy Creek Poodles guarantees (to the best of our knowledge), that we are selling you (the buyer), a healthy puppy. If the purchase of the puppy is for LIMITED registration (Pet only home), Limited registration papers will be sent with the puppy to the buyer and marked limited. AKC full rights puppies will be sent home with all their AKC paperwork on the day of

pick up and will be unaltered to show full rights.


Buyer’s Responsibility Buyers Initials _______

Owning a puppy means many trips to the vet. You, (the buyer), are solely responsible for all costs of these trips. The buyer must take their puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 72 business hours of purchase for an exam, and proof must be sent to the breeder with the veterinarian’s signature, office number and address, or the health guarantee is VOID NO EXCEPTION.

It is up to you to provide your puppy with the routine preventative care it needs.

This includes annual physical exams by a licensed veterinarian and following the veterinarian’s guidelines for vaccinations and de-worming are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Muddy Creek Poodles Poodles will not be responsible for any medical expenses incurred after purchase.


Guarantees/Returns Buyers Initials ______

Muddy Creek Poodles cannot and will not guarantee color or size of any puppy as an adult. Ifat any time buyer cannot keep the puppy/adult, we reserve the right to have first option to get the puppy/adult back, if this is not an option at the time then the buyer can re-home said puppy/adult after consulting Muddy Creek Poodles. A returned puppy must be returned to the seller in good condition. No dog purchased from Muddy Creek Poodles will be allowed to be surrendered to any animal shelter ever, under any circumstance and must be brought back to

Muddy  Creek Poodles in the event that the new owner cannot take care of their animal. No refund will be given in cases of surrenders. ANY OWNER WHOS POODLE IS FOUND TO BE SURRENDED TO AN ANIMAL SHELTER WILL BE SUBJECT TO A $5,000 FINE BY Muddy Creek Poodles. NO EXCETIONS.


In the unlikely event your puppy should expire/pass away within the 1-year time frame of coming home the buyer must pay to have a necropsy done on the puppy to show the reason for the death. The necropsy report must show, without a doubt, the reason for the death was congenital. The breeder will only replace a puppy with a puppy from the next available litter. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. The replacement puppy may or may not have the same parents. No puppy replacement will be given if the original puppy has been euthanized, spayed or

neutered without Muddy Creek Poodles permission. Any physical problem occurring from injury to the puppy is not guaranteed. The buyer is responsible for the transportation cost to and from the seller on a replacement puppy. This Guarantee only applies to the original purchasers of the puppy. If the puppy is sold to another party this guarantee is VOIDED. If there are any disputes or legal matters having to do with this sale, they must be resolved at the

Fremont County Court house in Lander, WY.

After pick up the new owner agrees that they will not let their puppy outside until they have finished receiving their full set of vaccinations which is typically around 16 weeks of age.

They also agree they will not take their puppy out to stores that have other animals that could potentially infect them with parvo or other diseases. This includes but is not limited to PetSmart Petco, tractor supply, truck stops, dog parks etc.





Transport Buyers Initials _______

Transport is available via ground transport or air nanny. Fee for transport is set by the transporter and buyer is responsible for the full fees.  The new puppy

owner may pick up locally for free, or the seller can also meet the buyer partial way.  We deliver to Casper or Rawlins WY.


Transport expenses will be paid by the buyer and paid in full 7 days before the puppy will be Transported via ground & Air.




PURCHASERES INFORMATION Fill in, information must match ID






Muddy Creek Poodles information

Puppy Name:

Date of Birth:

Sire Name

Price of Puppy: (Circle or highlight one)

$3,000 Males full registration $3,5000 Females full registration

$2,500 Males limited Registration $3,000 Females Limited registration

Deposit/ Retainer: $500

Local pick up/ Meeting partway /Ground transportation/Air Transport (Circle or highlight one)


Total due at pickup:

By signing below the buyer agrees that they have read and fully understand every topic stated in this contract and they agree to the terms and conditions stated no exclusions or exemptions.


Seller Signature: ______________________________

Date: _______________________________________

Purchaser Signature: ______________________________

Date: ______________________________

sales contract