Toni is everything a breeder

Toni is everything a breeder should be. We haven’t gotten our puppy quite yet but the process has been astounding. Toni always keeps you informed of everything and is so enthusiastic about the happiness and health of her beautiful dogs. Even when unfortunate delays and mishaps occur she takes care of it immediately and is so understanding. She’s got a heart of gold. Can’t wait to get our little girl! Thank you Muddy Creek! ❤️

Ondine Morgan-Garner

Izzy is Two years, almost

Izzy is Two years, almost three in March. I drove from Utah to get her, and now live in Washington. She has been a wonderful companion animal. She has quite the following of admirers. Be prepared for always public wanting to know more about your TOY breed. Izzy loves people and other dogs. She is very Astute and is a very good guard regarding her surroundings. Love her!!

Misty Reubens Meyers

I have 3 wonderful toy

I have 3 wonderful toy poodles that I got from Toni. I have Milo (almost 3) who is my sweet jealous boy, Oakley (21/2) who is my little dare devil, and Amari (2) and she is a bossy but sweet little Princess. I also have a grand fur baby which belongs to my daughter, that happens to be Milo’s twin and Mr. Wee is such an amazing little dog, such a good boy. I also have a grand fur baby that belongs to my other daughter and Reese is a little doll, he is our little worrier. They are all by Thor and Ice, Gypsy, or Blaze.

I fell in such love with Milo that I just couldn’t stop and had three all in the same year. I was drawn to Toni because she was so open and honest and answered all of my crazy questions and still to this day we discuss our poodle families. She is the best breeder in my opinion. She cares so much about her poodles, and I know she does it out of the love of giving the gift to others, to share in the joy that these dogs bring to their forever homes. She truly does not make much money at all. There is so much that goes into raising toy poodles and she truly wants the best for each and every pup. When you take the time to read and ask questions you truly see that you get what you pay for.

Thor is a great poodle, if you get the chance to spend some time with him you will see that he has such personality and makes for a great stud. I love all of the mammas but I have two from Ice and one from Blaze. Ice and I bonded right away, she always remembers me when I visit. Blaze warms right up too as they all do. I have to say these precious poodles blessed me in such a way that I will forever be greatful to Toni and the Muddy Creek clan.

Diana Neuman

I have two of Muddy

I have two of Muddy Creek’s babies. Nagi who is 4 years old and Raven who is 1 year old.

They are beautiful and healthy. They have wonderful temperament.

Toni is a wonderful, conscientious breeder. She stays in touch with her poodle parents and always gives help and feedback. She really loves her animals and their babies!

She breeds for health and happiness, not for money and tiny sickly poodles. That is extremely important!

I recommend Muddy Creek for pet toy poodles, wholeheartedly!

Dawn Pittser

My experience with Toni Dechert

My experience with Toni Dechert and her Muddy Creek Poodle Pack has been absolutely astonishing. Raising toy poodles is not a business for Toni it’s her love and passion that make her puppies so exceptional. She is selective in her Dams and her timing for breeding them.

Does that mean she has a waiting list? Yes, it does. Is it worth the wait? Yes, it very much is.

Our little cream Asher boy is a most loving, affectionate, and smart companion. He is fun and full of fun puppy playfulness at times but will happily cuddle up on your shoulder for a nap on the sofa. Asher meets every criteria we were looking for in a toy poodle….. and more.

If I told you that at eight weeks her puppies are house trained to a grass mat to pee and poop you probably wouldn’t believe me, but it’s true. Toni’s attention to every little detail is, well extraordinary. When I picked up Asher his welcome kit even included a gallon of her well water to ease the transition for Asher to our water supply.

I have never met a breeder that cares for and loves her poodle pack more than Toni. Don’t just take my word for it go look at the “Muddy Creek Poodle Group” on Facebook and see the wonderful things other owners have to say about Toni and her poodles.

If you’re interested in an exceptional toy poodle give her a call, get to know her, and I believe you will see the qualities in her that I have come to know.

Stephen Cook

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