Past Pups

This is “Baby” from Storm and James’ “A” litter.  Previously known as “Amy”

baby3  baby

Below is “Milo” the other pup from our “A” litter out of Storm and James.  Previously known as “Abner”


From our “B” litter out of Ice and James – this is “Caesar”, previously known as “Bandit”


Also from our “B” litter, this is Muddy Creek’s Lil’ Sharpshooter Annie, previously known as “Blue Ice”.  She is going to be a show girl! bitfinal

annie annie2 annie3

Another pup from our “B” litter is Bambi.

bambi3 bambi2 bambi

Last but not least, our final pup from our “B” litter is Harlee, previously known as “Belatrix”