My experience with Toni Dechert

My experience with Toni Dechert and her Muddy Creek Poodle Pack has been absolutely astonishing. Raising toy poodles is not a business for Toni it’s her love and passion that make her puppies so exceptional. She is selective in her Dams and her timing for breeding them.

Does that mean she has a waiting list? Yes, it does. Is it worth the wait? Yes, it very much is.

Our little cream Asher boy is a most loving, affectionate, and smart companion. He is fun and full of fun puppy playfulness at times but will happily cuddle up on your shoulder for a nap on the sofa. Asher meets every criteria we were looking for in a toy poodle….. and more.

If I told you that at eight weeks her puppies are house trained to a grass mat to pee and poop you probably wouldn’t believe me, but it’s true. Toni’s attention to every little detail is, well extraordinary. When I picked up Asher his welcome kit even included a gallon of her well water to ease the transition for Asher to our water supply.

I have never met a breeder that cares for and loves her poodle pack more than Toni. Don’t just take my word for it go look at the “Muddy Creek Poodle Group” on Facebook and see the wonderful things other owners have to say about Toni and her poodles.

If you’re interested in an exceptional toy poodle give her a call, get to know her, and I believe you will see the qualities in her that I have come to know.

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